Integral: Emergence

This experiential dive into individual and collective emergence, explores generative listening, embracing polarities, and embodying presence. We will learn about and practice with awakened wholeness.

Obscure: and light times

Happy new year. What a time! So much is unclear—what gorgeous and fractious directions will our societies take?

Our new year, seems like quite a meeting point. This enklavene is from the obsure to clear with neither diminishing the intensity of the other.

Emerging: human consciousness

The human species, I-you-us!, are waking up.

This spring brings an outpouring of evidence that we, humans are growing up to meet our meta-challenges, the crises we are all intimately connected with and to.

Meta-modern: Ukraine connections

Meta-modern: Ukraine connections

Kyiv, Ukraine. It is likely you know someone and our entangled connections can be supportive.

In service of this are several articles written in and around the Metamodern Arts Festival Kyiv 2019 and/or associated Emerge gatherings.

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Our world is changing. Our thinking patterns are shifting. To answer our pressing emergencies and, fortuitously, engaging in this brings an aliveness like nothing else.

We’re a worldwide civilisation now and can consciously engage in creating thriving, just, sustainable futures for everyone. Yet, sometimes, this seems like a very lonely path…

We hope this site helps us all accelerate positive shifts. Amplification, re-storying and sharing awe…

Sustaining the soul

Sustaining the soul

Living through colony collapse is heart-rending enough but we are not without resources.

The more we avail ourselves of the hidden nectar of Spirit inside our hearts, the more we can become like stubborn, blooming flowers in a parched and dry land.

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An initiation: and a koan

An initiation: and a koan

A koan is a dilemma, a mystery which the rational mind cannot solve—our global village.

We are part of the world. Yet, how can we be initiated into caring for everything? Even knowing we’re connected to it all.

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Festina Lente

Make haste – slowly, powerfully, minimally


“Hasten slowly” said Augustus. Oh, this is hard. To imagine what can be created, to hold back, to act; to engage means delving into both despair and hope. That’s where we’re challenged to see the powerful in what we do which is always minimal and micro. Feeling adequate in the face of manifest inadequacy. Weaving together the pieces that hasten, slowly and steadily, benevolution.

- Festina LentÍvaldi