(be) Benevolution

This is a home for stories, conversations and art that catalyze the synergy of evolution.

Solar sunrise

Green power, address poverty, fill up with passion and deliver powerful repair tools assisting planetary imperatives? 75 million reasons for reconceptualising ourselves and communicating sustainability.

Climate consciousness

70 students, a UN, MIT & Vienna simulation meet Integral. With inner and outer development can we transform humanity’s, and our planet’s temperature, trajectory? Try it!

Coming home

We belong to and are of the Earth but we bypass our sense of belonging. I missed this leaving home and my story mirrors our larger, human-wide journey. What do I need to come home?

Vale Kari 💙

Kari, the co-founder this website, passed away just before Christmas, 2023.

Love Life Aliveness

We know transformation emerges from new ways of thinking and being. However, the how is less clear. Three calls for this: to love, to aliveness, to life. Two practices. One love!


This site is about our present and our future. We are experiencing a high degree of disruption, polarization and destruction. We’re hearing a lot about a lot of difficult and challenging shit.

But we – humans, society and our social systems – are also developing to dramatically improve the felt experience of life for all. Convergent pathways for a world that is genuinely better for all sentient beings.  A benevolution.

In a word



Benevolent stories & beautiful conversations
for the benefit of all.

Developing, transforming ~ benefit

Convergent pathways are not linear changes. Benevolution features some of the diverse perspectives and manifestations incubating our future. There are many stand out stories that, taken together, reveal a mosaic of dramatic shifts. This expansive and expanding conversation is a significant developmental resource in and of itself. These emergent narratives benefit transforming complex challenges and catapult our conscious engagement.

Catalysing, inspiring ~ beauty

In times of great upheaval, we need stories of positive change more than ever; stories that inspire and activate people to make changes in their own lives and connect and catalyze individuals and organizations in co-creation.  Benevolution is a place to find stories where you’ll hear from people, organizations and groups who took a risk to change their lives to change the world in the spirit of benevolence, for the benefit of all, with the energy of evolution.

Creating ~ better be…

We are experiencing deep longing. A pervasive sense of the tragedies of our time, sadness for the loss of potential, of planetary health, of community. But that’s not all. We are also experiencing an ardent awareness of beauty and possibility. Creating change challenges us to hold the painful and the promising together. To step past seemingly mutually incompatible perspectives and into practical, ethical flourishing.

Festina Lente

Make haste – slowly, powerfully, minimally


“Hasten slowly” said Augustus. Oh, this is hard. To imagine what can be created, to hold back, to act; to engage means delving into both despair and hope. That’s where we’re challenged to see the powerful in what we do which is always minimal and micro. Feeling adequate in the face of manifest inadequacy. Weaving together the pieces that hasten, slowly and steadily, benevolution.

- Festina LentÍvaldi

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