We are the economy. We built the current system, we can re-build a new one based on a different set of values that actually reflect our shared humanity. Imagine a world where individuals are free to pursue their talents and can take full control of how they spend their time.

Imagine a world where education is a given, healthcare is a right, transportation is available, and poverty is seen as a fault in our society. This is a world we can create together.

What do you envision?

New story

The United States of America is built on a fractured narrative. The thinking that we are greedy, individualists who are only looking to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps is unrealistic and untrue.

Rather, we live in a system that does not support human flourishing. Our current system exploits nature, was founded on white-supremacist ideologies and prioritizes the growth of corporations and the pursuit of monetary wealth above all else.

We need a new economic story; one that prioritizes human and ecological wellbeing.

Healing and care

All life is served in this narrative. A Wellbeing Economy values human connection and interdependence alongside competition and individuality. It prioritizes people and the planet.

It is based on abundance: we are more successful when everyone is provided for and able to live up to their potential. It is a system that decolonizes our minds, acknowledges past failures, and heals us as a nation.

We can transcend the past system and shift toward a society in which compassion and care are at the root.

Your story