2.0 Conceptual to perceptual

A shift from conceptual to perceptual and how do I feel now?

I’m massively buoyed by all of the extraordinary collaborative components that are allowing and validating the positive changes within us all. You’ll see how alive this set of connections is in me in the cover picture too.

Cultivating emergence: introduction

Generating Transformative Change is coming to Europe! I’m stoked!!

And we have an introductory online experience too, Cultivating Emergence. It is stand-alone. Come along in late Feb and March 2023.

Three transformations: Fall 2022

How do we shift, our societies move, you-I-we transform for flourishing?

3 programs to taste, experiment with for free, to touch-in with.

And, to embrace all the way, should you wish.

See further: through the clouds

See further: through the clouds

What is above the clouds?

Climbing up and seeing what was previously hidden to us is a great metaphor for the vertical learning humans can do. These are discrete changes, step changes. 

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Meta-modern: Ukraine connections

Meta-modern: Ukraine connections

Kyiv, Ukraine. It is likely you know someone and our entangled connections can be supportive.

In service of this are several articles written in and around the Metamodern Arts Festival Kyiv 2019 and/or associated Emerge gatherings.

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Our world is changing. Our thinking patterns are shifting. To answer our pressing emergencies and, fortuitously, engaging in this brings an aliveness like nothing else.

We’re a worldwide civilisation now and can consciously engage in creating thriving, just, sustainable futures for everyone. Yet, sometimes, this seems like a very lonely path…

We hope this site helps us all accelerate positive shifts. Amplification, re-storying and sharing awe…

Doughnut economics: ambitious talk as action

Doughnut economics: ambitious talk as action

In coming out of crisis, bouncing beyond the old economics that’s outlived its usefulness, actions speak loudly. Amsterdam and global cities are leading and demonstrating the next economies: these underpin solutions. They’re transformational systems for thriving into pandemic and climate crisis recovery.

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Festina Lente

Make haste – slowly, powerfully, minimally


“Hasten slowly” said Augustus. Oh, this is hard. To imagine what can be created, to hold back, to act; to engage means delving into both despair and hope. That’s where we’re challenged to see the powerful in what we do which is always minimal and micro. Feeling adequate in the face of manifest inadequacy. Weaving together the pieces that hasten, slowly and steadily, benevolution.

- Festina LentÍvaldi